• Portfolio Management Services

    Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a sophisticated investment vehicle that offers a range of specialised investment strategies to capitalise on opportunities in the market. Safe Assets offers its professional services to recommend Portfolio Management Services from reputed third party providers (Mutual fund houses / financial institutions), who, for a fee, invest your money after scientifically analyzing the pros and cons of the various options.
    • Portfolio Management Service Providers
      Safe Assets offers you Portfolio Management Services (PMS) from different providers that work towards the growth of your funds. Our recommendations aim to ensure that your strategy and portfolio are built on solid foundations. Depending on your risk appetite and desired returns, you can select from a range of superior PMS products in the country, including the products from PMS Asset Management Company
    • HDFC Portfolio Management Services
      PMS Portfolio Management Services is an exclusive offering from the portfolio management division of HDFC Asset Management Ltd., PMS is one of the biggest in India manages assets worth over Rs. 5,000 crores.
  • Advantages of Portfolio Management Services
    • Personalised Advice
      Experienced Fund Managers give you sound investment advice and strategies that help you invest smartly. You are assured of the best fund managers in the industry who craft customised stock portfolios that work wonders. With PMS products offered by Asset Management Company you are assured of:
      • More choice in terms of portfolios to suit individual client needs and risk appetite
      • Ability to structure products that meet specific investment objectives
      • Choice of alternate investment products that were traditionally available to the very wealthy
    • Professional Management
      PMS products offered by AMC combine the benefits of professional money management with the flexibility, control and potential tax advantages of owning individual stocks or other securities. The Portfolio Managers take care of all the administrative aspects of your portfolio with Online reporting on the overall status of the portfolio and performance.
    • Continuous Monitoring
      The expert Fund Managers and research team keep a constant watch on your money. The team of experts in these fund houses knows exactly how your money is performing through continuous monitoring. You, as a customer are always informed through:
      • Communications that include relevant information on major market events
      • Quarterly or semi-annual performance updates
    • Hassle Free Operation
      As a PMS customer you are assured of hassle-free operations. With total portfolio transparency, in-depth market information for better decision making and direct access to the portfolio management team, PMS assures high service standards.
  • Portfolio Management Service Providers
    • HDFC Portfolio Management Services
      PMS Portfolio Management Services is an exclusive offering from the portfolio management division of PMS Asset Management Ltd., PMS is one of the biggest in India manages assets worth over Rs. 5,000 crores.
    • Reliance Portfolio Management Services
      Reliance Portfolio Management Services is an exclusive offering from the portfolio management division of Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Capital Ltd., Reliance PMS manages assets worth over Rs. 2,000 crores.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on PMS
    • Why do I need professional portfolio management services?
      Very few investors have the experience, time and access to information needed to successfully manage their investments Under the Portfolio Management Services, PMS inter-alia offers Discretionary Services. These services are offered to each client under a specific agreement entered into between the Portfolio Manager and the client on an exclusive basis.
    • What are your investment expertise and support?
      PMS has a strong investment team. The team has more than 100 man-years (both PMSand Mutual Fund) of experience in the area of investment management and research.The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) activity is carried out separately from the mutual fundactivity. AMC is handling PMS activity since January 1, 2001.
    • What is the investment philosophy of PMS?
      The investment philosophy is quite simple, yet very powerful – our aim is to build the wealth of
      our clients by investing in high quality companies at reasonable prices. We believe that long-term wealth generation is possible when the following conditions are satisfied: 1. Investing in companies that have a strong competitive advantage over their peers;
      2. Investing when the prices are attractive. Our stress is on the analysis of individual companies, and not so much on predicting the movement of the stock market indices. The focus is on companies that qualify under the following criteria.
      • Proven track record
      • Competent and honest management
      • Strong presence in its own industry (preferably No.1 or No.2)
      • Strong efficiency indicators such as higher sales / capital, improving ROCE
      • Free cash flow generation
      • The proven ability of management to successfully introduce new products
      • A strong balance sheet
      • A significant competitive advantage that would make it difficult for its peers to dislodge the company
      • Good prospects over the next few years
      • Price that affords a reasonable margin of safety

      Stock markets can be volatile in the short run. In the short run, the price movements are governed by thousands of variables over which we have little control. In the long run however, the stock prices tend to reflect the inherent fundamentals of the company and roughly reflect the growth in profits and cash generation capabilities of the company. We therefore do not attempt to forecast the movement of the stock market indices; instead we focus on identifying strong investment candidates. In sum, we attempt to buy high quality companies at reasonable prices, and reasonably attractive companies at below-average prices.
    • Are you registered with any regulators?
      Yes, we hold valid certificate of registration under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 1993, to carry on the business of Portfolio Management vide Registration No. PM/INP000000506.

      I have utilized the services of a stockbroker for many years. Am I able to take advantage of the services provided by a portfolio manager, yet maintain the relationship with my broker
    • In order to buy stocks that I wish to buy and sell on my own?
      Yes! As the client, the choice is yours. Your broker will be there to buy those investme to buy and sell on your own as your account with PMS is not an account for thism purpose. Our sole fnts you wishocus is on portfolio management and to ensure we are successful at this task we must ensure that all our resources are directed solely towards research and execution of our best ideas and that nothing distracts from this goal.
    • Where will my investment account be held for safekeeping?
      Your account will be held in your name with a custodian. Our custodian is PMS.
    • What is a custodian and why do I need one
      A custodian is an entity (registered with SEBI) that holds your securities which are being managed by PMS. MPS provides the safekeeping of securities and provides services incidental thereto associated with your account so that we can focus on managing the investments within your portfolio.
    • Can Non Resident Indians (NRIs) invest?
      Yes. Non Resident Indians can invest in PMS by opening a PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) account.
    • How would I be updated on my Portfolio and its performance?
      PMS provides an online viewing service and you will be able to access your portfolio and its performance, transaction statement, capital gains statement etc. through our website www.hdfcfund.com. The viewing rights are restricted to clients only using passwords.
    • Can you please provide a brief on the Tax aspect?
      There are two prominent income streams associated with Equity PMS, the dividend income and profit on sale or transfer of shares.
      • Tax implication for Dividend Income:
      • - Dividend received by shareholders is exempt from tax –section 10(34) of IT Act
        - However, Company distributing dividends is liable to pay dividend distribution tax @ 16.995%

      • Tax implication for Profit from sale/transfer of shares
        - If considered as capital gains (capital gains = sale consideration –cost of acquisition – expenses incurred in connection with such transfer) Long Term Capital Gains Short Term Capital Gains Capital Gains Period of Holding Rate Period of Holding Rate Listed Shares (where STT is paid) More than 1 year Exempt u/s10 (38) 1 Year or less 16.995%

        If considered as business income/other income –net income taxable @ 33.99% Notes

        1.Tax rates include surcharge @10%, Education Cess @2% & secondary and higher education cess@1% of the tax amount
        2.It is assumed that income would be taxable in the hands of investors at the maximum rate.
        You are also advised to consult your tax advisor for further details on taxation.
    • What is the minimum investment amount?
      Minimum investment amount is Rs. 50 lacs and in multiples of Rs. 1 lac thereafter.
    • What is the fee structure?
      Fee Structure is: 2.75% p.a.* of daily average assets under management OR 1.75% p.a. * of daily average assets under management plus 20% of gains in excess of 10% per annum *Plus Applicable Service Tax For further details on fee structure, please read the disclosure document.
    • What if I want to terminate my agreement with PMS?
      Our Investment Management Agreement with clients provides for termination. Exit charges as applicable may apply.
    • Please brief me about the exit fee, is there an entry fee also?
      There is no entry fee. An exit fee is applicable as mentioned below:
      Exit Fees:
      - Upto 12 months – 3%
      - More than 12 months and upto 24 months – 2%
      - More than 24 months – Nil
    • How do I become a client?
      You simply review and sign a few documents. Details of the same are mentioned below:

      1. PMS Client Registration Form
      2. Discretionary Portfolio Management Service Agreement (read disclosure document prior to signing the agreement)
      3. Power of Attorney by client to AMC. This document needs to be notarized locally. Documentation with PMS:-
      - Bank Account Opening Form
      - Depository Account Opening Form
      In the entire set of documentation you will require in all 3 signed across photographs and 4 selfcertified
      copies each of Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, PAN Card. Please refer client documentation for details.
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